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Launched on 8 August 2004 by the people behind

The Tapas Tree, guests at Octapas can expect to experience all things Spanish including a myriad of hot and cold tapas, traditional chilled Sangrias and Paellas. This authentic experience is topped off with live music every night!



Octapas is known for its extensive range of tapas and paellas. Tapas are small dishes consists of a broad variety from shrimps in garlic to sliced chorizo to sautéed mushrooms. Tapas culture is open and social. Excellent drinks companions for tapas will be beer and sangrias.

Paella is revered for its delicious flavours, generous ingredients and fragrant rice. Our chefs specially curate traditional paellas such as Carne, Negra, Mariscos, Valenciana and Verduras for your dining pleasure.

Paella Marisco.jpg
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